Autosplit helper (Autosplitter for console game)

Autosplit Helper [Autosplitter for console game]


The required OS will change from Version 1.67.
  1.66 or earlier: Windows 7 or newer
1.67 or later: Windows 10

Here(in Autosplit Helper document)          Change log→Here
(Old version→Here

※Discord’s Autosplit Helper dedicated server provides update notifications, bug reports, and questions. Please join us if you would like.



・Automatically split (send hot key to external timer)
・Automatically reset
・Like load remover

※Because this is using image recognition, places you can split are limited.



・Windows 7 or later
・Microsoft.NET 4.6
・Split timer (LiveSplit, WSplit, Llanfair…)


・How to use