Autosplit helper (Autosplitter for console game)

Autosplit Helper [Autosplitter for console game]

This is an introduction article of “Autosplit Helper”, an automatic split support software for TV games using image recognition.

Currently, the mainstream of Autosplitter is Scriptable autosplitter of LiveSplit. ASH splits using image recognition, so if you are able to display it on a PC screen, you can split in various games as well as PC games. In other words, it is possible to take a split even with the speedrun of the video game.


Version 1.43a(2019-05-18) → Here(dropbox)          Change log→Here
(Old version→Here



・Automatically split (send hot key to external timer)
・Automatically reset
・Like load remover

※Because this is using image recognition, places you can split are limited.



・Windows 7 or later
・Microsoft.NET 4.6
・Split timer (LiveSplit, WSplit, Llanfair…)


・How to use
Autosplit Helper How to Use [English]
Slide only page


・History of development (Using Google translation)

RTA (Real time attack) is, as its name implies, competes real time from game start to game clear. In the past, timer software that can only start and stop was used for time measurement, but recently software such as Livesplit, kazamiTimer, etc. that can take lap is being developed.

Taking a lap in RTA, that is, acquiring a section record helps to grasp the pace of the game progress, helps to consider what was good in that section, what was wrong, can make a self best You can grasp the sex … and so on, you can use it for various things.

However, in order to take the lap you need to operate the keyboard and mouse. Therefore, there are the following concerns.

· Concentration on RTA is hindered.
· Difficulty in taking laps in scenes where operation is intense
· Because of manual operation, error occurs in section recording.
→ For example, the fastest interval recording becomes inaccurate.
· I can not do it troublesome.

etc. The Livesplit which I raised already has a function to automatically take a lap called Scriptable Autosplitter, but since it is assumed that it can refer to the internal memory of the game, it can only be used in PC games. I also want to take a lap automatically in the console game! So I developed this software.